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How the rotary encoder saves the position of the encoder after power off

Time:2021-06-21Source: Aerte


Recently, customers often ask the same question: can the rotary encoder remember how many pulses have been sent when the system is powered off? Airt will give you a comprehensive analysis:

According to the different engraving methods of the code disc, the encoder can be divided into incremental encoder and two types

If the incremental encoder is manually actuated after the system is powered off, there will be measurement errors after the system is turned on.

So how to remember how many pulses the encoder sent after the system is powered off?

The comparison scheme is to use absolute encoders. After an incremental encoder is powered off, it is not possible to determine how many pulses it sends. Of course, it can also be used to determine the pulse of the encoder by automatically returning to the origin when the power is turned off.

The “code value” of the absolute encoder is consistent with the measured “position”. It has the function of “power-off memory” and has no accumulated error in rotation measurement. It is superior to incremental encoders in the field of measurement and control within “one cycle”. Adjust the range before adding the gearbox. Widely used in home appliances, automobiles, instrumentation and other industries