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FAQs of Elt Servo Tightening System

Time:2021-06-10Source: Aerte

Airt Servo Tightening System-an indispensable intelligent automatic tightening equipment on the assembly line


1. High precision, high reliability, high durability, high cost performance;

2. Excellent servo control, good user interface, powerful programming function;

3. Real-time process control and status display, massive data storage and quality traceability functions;

4. Simple and flexible user system matching, multi-series and multi-specification product selection, can meet a variety of automated assembly requirements;

5. Provide customized services for special structures or customer requirements.



Question 1: What are the advantages of our servo tightening system?

Answer: It has the advantages of high precision, high reliability, high cost performance, intelligence, and customization.


Question 2: What is the current brand and country of similar products?

Answer: The United States (Jergens), Germany (Germany), Sweden (Atlas), and the United Kingdom (horsehead).


Question 3: What is the common method of screw tightening?

Answer: Torque method, torque + rotation angle monitoring method, rotation angle + torque detection method.


Question 4: What is the main external interface of our tightening system?

Answer: IO+ bus (RS232/RS485/CANopen+Ethernet+EtherCAT).


Question 5: Does our tightening system have multiple tasks and parameters?

Answer: There are 12 tasks, each task has 8 parameters, a total of 96 types.


Question 6: What are the main applications of our servo tightening system?

Answer: Assembly in industries such as automobiles, electronics, clocks and watches, and industry.


Question 7: How do I supply tools for our company?

Answer: Manual, suction and blowing.


Question 8: Several important parameters for the selection of the tightening system?

Answer: Rated torque, rated speed, and feeding method.


Question 9: What is the difference between our tightening system and other precision tightening systems?

Answer: The tool adopts a servo motor, which has the advantages of torque, stable speed, precise rotation angle, long life, and energy saving.


Question 10: How many parts of our company's tightening system consist of?

Answer: Controller, tools (screwdriver), connection cable.