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About Us
About us

AND ENGINEERING CO., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, operation and service of industrial automation equipment. Founded on April 20, 2000, it is located in Futian Central District, Shenzhen. Since its establishment, the company has provided customers with the best products and services in the spirit of "integrity, diligence, and innovation". The company has more than 200 employees. The professional and young aierte people have professional technical standards, a full range of customer service concepts and a vigorous spirit of struggle.

Aierte’s three main businesses: Industrial brand agency business: As the general agent of Tamagawa Seiki in Japan for more than 20 years in mainland China and Hong Kong, it has joined hands with Tamagawa to integrate its company’s representative encoders, resolvers, speed sensors, Products such as motors and gyroscopes are widely used in China's aerospace, elevators, rail transit, new energy vehicles, robotics, medical treatment, textiles, semiconductors, packaging machinery, handling machinery and factory automation and other industries and fields.

Aierte national industrial brand independent development business: Aierte has successfully launched the "Aierte" brand intelligent tightening system, barometer, coupling, attack Silk machines, handheld devices and other products have also gradually emerged in the field of industrial control, winning industry recognition.

Industrial robot strategic cooperation business: FUJISAN as a national-level high-tech enterprise that entered the field of national industrial robot research and development and production earlier, it has a group of professional and technical personnel with many years of experience in automation and non-standard design. The company's independent research and development of single-axis robots, multi-axis multi-joint robots and multi-axis motion control systems totaling more than 20 products have been widely used in many industries, and have won market recognition and good reputation with their high cost performance.

In the future, the company will be backed by strong technical strength and perfect customer service system, with the ultimate goal of "establishing a leading brand in national industrial automation".

Company Culture
Corporate Culture
/ Culture is the essence of an enterprise. An enterprise without its own unique culture is like a life without a soul. It is destined to not last forever. /
  • Enterprise spirit

    Integrity, diligence, innovation

  • Corporate purposes

    Realize value for customers,
    Provide opportunities for employees,
    Take responsibility for society.

  • Business philosophy

    Meet customer needs,
    Exceed customer expectations.

  • Corporate management philosophy

    Scientific, strict, meticulous, and individual.

  • Corporate Service Concept

    Treat customers as friends,
    Let customers become partners

Production Strength
Production Strength
More than 100 products
Plant area is 20,000 square meters
Because of focus,
so professional

Because of focus,so professional

Honor and qualification
Honor and qualification