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Application fields of Airtel smart screwdriver
Application fields of Airtel smart screwdriver

Airt intelligent screwdriver has an ergonomic structure design, smooth and beautiful appearance, and more delicate grip; lightweight body, long-term work is not easy to fatigue; built-in high-performa

The H series handheld precision intelligent tightening system is a brand new solution for flexible assembly newly launched by Elt. The main application areas are 3C, automotive electronics, 5G, LED displays, motors, aerospace, etc. This system consists of a handheld smart screwdriver, ACT series drive controller, tool cable and a code scanner.


The H series smart screwdriver conforms to the ergonomic structure design, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the grip feel is more delicate; the body is light, and the long-term work is not easy to fatigue; the built-in high-performance imported micro-servo motor and precision reducer ensure high-precision torque output; Carbon brush structure design, low noise, no dust, strong shock resistance, and has a long service life; it can continuously rotate at high speed, providing customers with efficient productivity. The creative introduction of two-color signal lights makes the tightening results clear at a glance.


The counting function of the AND H series hand-held intelligent tightening system can automatically trigger multi-stage tightening steps. Each tightening task can be stored in a unique tightening sequence, and the barcode scanner can read and identify it, and check and confirm the key parameters in advance. Allow the tool to start working. The system can monitor the tightening torque and angle in real time, which can ensure that the operator can deal with the problem in time. Whether it is torque, angle or time, if the set value is exceeded, the system will automatically alarm, which greatly improves the production quality. All screw tightening data are stored in the system, the whole process can be traced, and data analysis can help customers improve their operations.

The characteristics and advantages of Airtel H series determine that it will become an indispensable automation equipment in the assembly line of 3C, automotive electronics, 5G, LED display, motor, aerospace and other fields.

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