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Elte Intelligent Digital Drive Control Screwdriver

Time:2021-06-22Source: Aerte


Elte's handheld precision intelligent tightening system is a new set of solutions for flexible assembly newly launched by Elte. This system consists of a handheld smart screwdriver, ACT series drive controller, tool cable and a code scanner.

Ergonomic structure design, smooth and beautiful appearance, more delicate grip; lightweight body, long-term work is not easy to fatigue; built-in high-performance imported micro-servo motor and precision reducer to ensure high-precision torque output; no carbon brush structure design , Low noise, no dust, strong shock resistance, and has a long service life; it can continuously rotate at a high speed to provide customers with efficient productivity. The creative introduction of two-color signal lights makes the tightening results clear at a glance.



1. Use high-performance AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor + high-precision encoder + reducer to realize intelligent digital drive control, compact, no dust, low noise, strong shock resistance and long service life;

2. Real-time monitoring of torque + angle + time, to achieve the first alarm function when abnormal conditions such as slippage and missed hitting occur;

3. Tighten the data for local storage and data interface transmission, which can be connected to the factory MES to facilitate quality traceability and realize digital control;

4. Aierte smart screwdriver supports multi-stage speed settings. A screw can be finely controlled from threading, screwing, pre-tightening, final tightening to torque holding;

5. The torque accuracy can reach ±5%, which can meet the requirements of most precision assembly;

6. Rich product types, support airborne and handheld;

7. The torque range is wide, the torque range of the intelligent tightening system is 0.02N.m-2.3N.m, and the maximum torque of the high-torque tightening shaft can reach 192N.m.

8. The product has a wide range of applications, including 3C, automotive electronics, home appliances, 5G, optical communication products, motion control, LED, liquid crystal display and other industries.


The intelligent equipment industry is one of the most important strategic emerging industries in China today. As a leading supplier of intelligent tightening tools and automated tightening solutions in China, Airtel has been adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Diligence, and Innovation" since its establishment in 2000, and continues to focus on intelligent screwdrivers and servo tightening in industrial automation. The research and development, production, sales and service of high-quality products such as shafts and precision locking solutions; and through perseverance and bit by bit continuous efforts to achieve family, customer, and great cause. Continuously promote the transformation of Made in China to "Made in China", and achieve common growth with many friends and suppliers.