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Smart screwdriver application
Smart screwdriver application

Application products The application of smart screwdrivers in the installation of mobile phone circuit boards has occupied a large share of the manufacturing industry. 3C products have occupied a larg

Product application advantages
Airtel smart screwdriver adopts Tamagawa permanent magnet synchronous motor and driver, and has a dedicated servo control algorithm.
Big effort
Fast response
High speed
Small inertia
Smooth rotation
Stable moment
Stable moment
Stable moment
Product Features
There are 12 task modes and 8 different torque parameters for each task. Users can configure the tightening process of each screw according to their needs. This function is suitable for a variety of screw products.
With programmable IO for process control, it is convenient to connect with other control equipment to form an automated production equipment.
It has the judgment function of wrong screwing and missing screwing, and can analyze the screw tightening state in detail.
It has an interactive network interface with factory control, which can store a large amount of recent screw tightening information. Various data in the tightening process can be displayed in a curve. Manual and automatic modes can be switched freely.
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