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Singlsyn-special resolver for new energy vehicles
Singlsyn-special resolver for new energy vehicles

There will be unavoidable vibrations during driving, but sensors are also needed to monitor the motors and brakes. Tamagawa's Singlsyn series resolvers were developed to provide safe and secure use in

In the encoders we talked about before, we know that encoders have certain requirements for the use environment. However, the operating environment sometimes has to become harsh, such as long-term vibration, oil immersion, high and low temperature, etc., but the operation of the sensor is also required at this time. For example, there will be unavoidable vibrations when a car is driving, but sensors are also needed to monitor the motor and brakes. At this time, if a general photoelectric encoder is used, it will not only damage the encoder, but may also cause wrong judgments and lead to driving. Danger.

Tamagawa's Singlsyn series resolver was developed to provide a safe and secure way of use even in this situation. It can also feed back the operation status of the equipment normally within a certain range of high and low temperature, vibration and shock range, and also has a good resistance to oil immersion. It is one of the excellent sensors on the market now.


The application fields of Singlsyn resolvers are mainly concentrated in the automotive field. The main parts in the automotive field include power drive motors, extended-range generators, BSG/ISG motors, and electric power steering EPS. Other applications include hub motors, electronic brake assist, throttle control, and variable power steering (VGR system). ) Torque feedback control and so on. Other application areas also include vehicle body steering sensors for hydraulic excavators, sensors in textile machines, and horizontal robot sensors.


Because the rotor of the Singlsyn resolver has no winding, the structure of the resolver is simpler and more reliable. The iron core of the rotor also has certain characteristics: according to the shape of the gap between the iron core of the rotor and the stator iron core, the volt value of the output voltage can be changed. Among them, the thin and light Singlsyn resolver can reduce the installation space. All in all, the characteristics of Singlsyn resolvers are high and low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance, high reliability, high speed rotation and low energy consumption.

The Singlsyn resolver also has a rotor and a stator. The rotor is made of electronic copper plates. The stator is surrounded by a 1-phase excitation coil and a 2-phase output coil (see Figure 1). If an AC voltage is applied to the excitation coil, the gap between the rotor and the stator (that is, the magnetic resistance between the stator and the rotor) will change periodically according to the rotation angle as shown in Figure 4, and the output voltage will be changed according to the output voltage. You can calculate the angle.



In a hybrid vehicle, Tamagawa Singlsyn resolver is used. As shown in the figure, in the gearbox of a hybrid electric vehicle, a generator and a motor are integrated. The two resolvers respectively detect the angle and speed of the generator and the drive motor, forming a closed-loop control of the absolute value of the rotation angle, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the system . At present, in this generation of systems, the two motors are arranged on the longitudinal axis, which greatly reduces the lateral space of the engine, and the thermal efficiency conversion reaches 40%. Of course, in other parts of the car, there are many places where sensors are used for detection and calibration, so that a car can run normally.


Even though the Singlsyn resolver has strong environmental resistance, customers are requested to pay attention to the scope of use marked on the product specification. If there is a situation that needs to be used in special occasions but the conventional model is not suitable, Tamagawa is also willing to customize special products for customers to meet the needs of customers in all aspects.


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