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The 23rd DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair

Time:2020-11-23Source: Aerte


From November 24-27, 2020, the DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair (the 23rd DMP International Mould, Metalworking, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition) will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (new hall). The exhibition scale reaches 200,000 square meters, focusing on digital, intelligent, and personalized innovative technologies and solutions for different industries.

DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair, led by technology and innovation, is a cooperation platform dedicated to connecting technology and industry, empowering the industry and the entire ecology. Exhibits include CNC machine tools, CNC tools, intelligent manufacturing systems, industrial robots, sheet metal lasers, plastics and packaging, mold manufacturing, industrial Internet, industrial measurement, 3D printing, precision parts, digital factories, artificial intelligence, die-casting, hardware tools, Metal materials and other fields, covering raw and auxiliary materials, key components, advanced manufacturing equipment, overall solutions, personalized customization and other intelligent manufacturing industry chain global latest technologies and products, with large scale, complete categories, and large audiences, It has won the trust of the industry and has become the vane of technological innovation in advanced manufacturing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Exhibits of our company at this exhibition: intelligent tightening equipment, high-precision digital display positive and negative barometers, single/multi-axis manipulators


Booth: Hall 3 3B11

product description


Smart screwdriver

Product advantages:

Digital control of torque, speed, and angle; 8 torque parameters, 12 task modes, and 50 screw parameter settings; there is a wrong or missing screw judgment function, which can determine the tightening status of each screw, and an alarm will be issued for unqualified screws Or re-tighten, and can retain the tightening data for 600 days; it can be uploaded on the network, remotely monitored, and realize factory-based and systematic zero-error management.

Application industry:

It can be used with manipulators and automation equipment to complete precision locking work. The products are suitable for various application methods. Hand-held, airborne, and robot arms can meet various application needs. With super high cost performance, it has been used for automobiles, mobile phones, computers, The clocks, robots and other industries provide high-quality tightening services.




Airborne smart tightening system


Single/multi-axis manipulator

Multi-axis robot equipped with smart screwdriver


High-precision digital display pneumatic sensor

Product features: It uses a 30mm compact size with dual screens. The current value and reference value can be viewed at the same time. You can easily view and set the reference value without switching the screen mode. It can achieve high-precision detection, resolution 1/1000, display unit 0.1kPa (negative pressure type/compound pressure), 0.001MPa (positive pressure type), response time 2.5ms~5000ms (adjustable), temperature characteristic ±1%FS Repeatability ±0.5%FS

We are in Hall 3, Booth 3B11, more exciting, looking forward to your arrival!