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2020 Suzhou International Industrial Intelligence Exhibition

Time:2020-10-14Source: Aerte


IIE 2020 Suzhou International Industrial Intelligence Exhibition will be held in Suzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 15 to 17, 2020. Volkswagen Industrial will bring its star products to participate in this event to exchange the latest developments in industrial automation together.


The Foch booth is Hall D1 and Booth B08. Welcome everyone to come.



product description


Intelligent tightening system



The first domestic intelligent tightening system independently researched and developed

    8 torque data settings, 12 mission modes

    Have a variety of superior performance, easy to operate

    Integrated control of torque, angle and digital display

    Data storage, networking upload, easy to realize intelligent management


Single axis manipulator


Repeat positioning accuracy within ±0.02mm

The base is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy profiles, hollow reinforced structure, and anodized surface treatment to ensure the rigidity of the manipulator during operation

Can be combined with multiple manipulators: two-week right-angle combination, three-axis right-angle combination, three-axis gantry combination


Single axis manipulator


Four joints


  Excellent high-speed performance: Integrating high-power, high-speed motor and high-speed ball screw, lightweight robotic arm design greatly increases operating speed and achieves continuous operation at maximum speed for a long time

High rigidity and high precision: high repeat positioning accuracy, small error, rapid vibration attenuation, and can quickly transition to the next action in a process that requires high precision. Compact design, easy to operate


Multi-axis manipulator 


Horizontal working platform

The equipment is well grafted, the operation is simple, the programming is simple, and the software is powerful

For desktop equipment such as glue dispensers, soldering machines, screw machines, inspection machines, etc.

Widely used in dispensing, coating, positioning, assembly, testing, handling, screws, soldering, etc. in electronics, mobile phones, toys, watches, medical equipment, automobiles, lamps, audio and other industries


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